Summery of Company Profile

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  • To be the Best Consulting Organization by Supporting Green Growth Goals.


  • To add values for Domestic Investment development sectors.
  • To Facilitate Foreign Investment sector to generate foreign currency
  • To play professional role to realize inclusive growth in the country.
  • To support community development programs all over the nation.

Firanbon Consulting PLC is certified organization and acquired competency certificate from

1.Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change Commission (MEFCC)

2. Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resource (MANR)

3.  Ethiopian Management Institute (EMI)

It is the prominent consulting institution based in Addis Ababa, around Sarbet, in front of Oromia Regional State Offices. Its license is renewed and has own TIN number and VAT registration number.

FEC PLC is also a well organized consulting services provider in Ethiopia in the field of Environment, Investment and Development specially Environmental System Management Plan, Social and Environmental Impact Assessment (ESIA), Environmental Auditing, Environmental Monitoring & Evaluation, , Integrated Natural Resource Management, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, Social Development, Baseline survey, Livelihood Affairs and Gender Issues.

Moreover, FC PLC conducts,

  • Investment advice;
  • Business, Management;
  • Baseline Surveys;
  • Project Design and Reviews;
  • Feasibility studies for various construction, agricultural, industrial, mining projects, Socio-Economic Development initiatives and so on.

Thus; we are engaged in providing wide range of services for the leading local as well as foreign Companies. We have more extensive experience in consulting various development projects and we explore our most popular project development specialties and put powerful experience of FC PLC to work for your organization.

                                                           Company Background
Name of Company Firanbon Consulting PLC
Organizational Type Training, Research and Consultancy
Year of Establishment 201
Year of Restructuring 2016
Place of establishment Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Registration number ORO/BL/RT/2/0002485/2008
Taxpayer identification number 0045105595
Mobile phone number +251-911-99-20-48
E-mail firanbonconsultancyplc@gmail.com  ,  or


Office address Addis Ababa, Nifas Silk Lafto Sub-City, Woreda 09, 4 Kilo,              at Berihe Gebrelibanos  Building, 4th Floor
Avenue Adwa Str.
Contact Person Mr. Musa Jeldo

Firanbon Consultancy is based in Addis Ababa Ethiopia and is complemented by a vibrant pool of Associate Consultants. The PLC incorporates full time multi-disciplinary professionals licensed from Ministry of Environment Forest & Climate Change. The Company is specialized in delivering quality technical advice to a wide range of clients involved in various aspects of socio-economic development

FC PLC founded by Ethiopian professionals from diversified discipline of studies and it has first grade (LEVEL-1) Environmental License. The PLC is the first licensed organization in Ethiopia since the Ministry of Environment and Forest has launch the newly guideline number 2/2006 on Environmental System Management Plan, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Auditing and Climate change on work we have completed different kinds of EIA research works in various corners of the country including Addis Ababa city, Amhara Region, Oromia regional state, Gambela Region, Southern Nation Nationalities and peoples Region, Tigray Regional States and other different regions.

2. Include organizational chart, a list of Board of Directors, and beneficial ownership.

The general assembly is the top management body having two general assembly meetings within a year. The G/manager of the company manages the day-to-day activities and makes decisions regarding the financial and budgetary aspects while the day-to-day routine tasks and activities to be accomplished. The company recruited the technical and administration staffs. The team of experts and technical units are managed under the vice manager. Under personals accountant, marketing and other supporting staffs are employed in order to carry out the day-to-day company activities.

To enhance the efficiency and performance of the company in the course of service providing the management and relevant personnel of the company may held meeting periodically. The meeting is to evaluate the progress of the company and to make immediate adjustment if there is deviation from the objectives, the mission and the vision set by the company.

The Consultancy firm associates itself with senior experts and other consulting firms both in the country and abroad in delivering its services. Currently there are 8 highly qualified professionals in various disciplines certified by Ministry of Environment Forest & Climate Change guideline to conduct Environmental research work as a team member consultant. These experts are highly competent, experienced and skilled in their profession.

2. 1 The General manager of the firm and Assessment Chief Coordinator

The general manager will be in charge to oversee, planning, and directing the entire works. In addition, he will be responsible for the coordination of the study, managing workflow and schedule, supervising other team members and facilitating communication between the teams. He will ensure consistency among the works of team members and lead the organization in general.

He has Environmental, Agricultural and Economical background and Certified Consultant and has professional competency certificate from ministry of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture and Ethiopian Management Institute. He has extensive experience in different consultancy services. So far he has successfully led a considerable number of consultancy services. Moreover, he has an extensive educational background and over 20 years of professional work experiences in Governmental, NGOs and Privet organization areas in implementing various development activities.