Consultancy Experiences of Growthtip Team

The following are some of the technical advisory services provided by Growthtip Team.

  • Preparation of a five years (2016-2020) strategic plan, business plan for establishment of Animal Feed Factory for Soyema Multipurpose Agricultural Cooperative, Ethiopia.
  • Feasibility study on establishment of improved seeds production and demonstration farm and preparation of a five years (2016-2020) strategic plan for the union since September 23/2015 for Becho Woliso Farmers’ Cooperative Union, Ethiopia.
  • Preparation of feasibility study on establishment of garment, footwear and accessories factory for Quadrant Investment PLC, Ethiopia.
  • Assessment of the state of entrepreneurship education in Ethiopian higher learning institutions and suggesting policy direction for the government of Ethiopia for Maastricht School of Management, the Netherlands and Education Strategy Center, Ethiopia.
  • Preparation of Human Resources Policy Document (HR Policy and Procedures Manual, Organizational Structure, Job analysis and grading, Salary and Benefit packages) for Wegderes Nigusie Chartered Certified Accountant and Authorized Auditor, Ethiopia.
  • Human resource manual preparation and refresher training to employees for Ethio Green Production PLC., Ethiopia.
  • Provision of business development and entrepreneurship training for 500 youths in Amhara and SNNPs regions of Ethiopia for ILRI, African Insect for Health and Food Icipe, Yesh Project, Ethiopia.
  • Technical Assistance (STTA) to conduct an Assessment and Training on Youth for the Two New Farm service centers in two woredas of Arsi zone in Oromia regional state for CNFA-Cultivating new frontiers in Agriculture, Ethiopia.
  • Business Modality assessment and refresher training For Women under GAIN project in Five Zone of Oromia Region for Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, Ethiopia.

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