Mining Sector Projects

  • OGI Agro industry and Trading share company on Gold base metal and related minerals exploration project in Oromia Regional state West Wollaga Zone Bojji Dirmaji District of Tullu Dimtu local Area;
  • OGI Agro industry and Trading share company Project Location: Guji Administrative Zone Ana Sora District Barsisa local area;
  • Babicho Mining Exploration PLC on Gold exploration in Oromia Regional state Guji Administrative zone of Ana Sora District Kilenso babicho local area.
  • Dawit Gold Mining Enterprise (DGME) on Gold mining at Tigray Regional state Miezar Aha of Mereb Lehe district
  • Environmental and social impact assessment Water Bottling in Oromia Regional state Dinsho Bale Zone
  • Environmental and Social Management Plan Report for Construction Stone Crushing Project of E.F.D.R.E. Metals & Engineering Corporation Ethiopia Power Engineering Industry (METTEC)

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